Giuseppe Terragni

Terragni and Demiurgo

Terragni, Como e i RagazziI have envied this cat since the moment I read about it in Alessandra Coppa’s Giuseppe Terragni: Minimum Architecture. Giuseppe Terragni’s cat bore the most extraordinary name ever given to a cat – Demiurgo -, a creature that has assumed Platonic proportions in my mind, apparently spending hours curled in the architect’s studio, as he worked through day and very often night looking at plans and drawings stretched over a large table, cigarette ‘dangling from his mouth’.

Demiurgo was given narrative voice in a 2006 book whose goal is to acquaint young readers with some of Terragni’s most important architectural works that have changed not only Como but also the flow of Italian and international modernist architecture. I have not read it but, given that the Archivio Terragni continues to leave my calls unanswered, I might as well do so, as it will probably give me a level of intimacy and closeness with his work that I am unlikely to emulate as a researcher.


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