The original design by Edwin Lutyens

And so it begins

Bus 492, from Termini to Valle Giulia, never turned up. It did not help that I arrived in Rome in the midst of a sciopero (a very familiar word to the Italians, meaning strike) of public transport. It took me less than three hours to fly from Edinburgh to here – but more than four to get from the airport to my new temporary ‘home’ at the British School at Rome. I did arrive, dragging two suitcases and a backpack full of electronic equipment, in the midst of a sweltering afternoon, exhausted, covered in sweat, contemplating how quickly three months will pass and how much they will leave behind.

Hence this record. I came to Rome with what can only be described as the uncertain beginning of the inception of a project. Or of many potential projects from numerous encounters with the unexpected. My mind is buzzing with ideas but drops no anchors. It is exhilarating and disquieting at the same time. No matter. (A little less than) 100 days will pass through my hands but I want to keep something more substantial, more retrievable than scraps of memories and copies of documents and scattered photos of buildings on my camera roll. Hence this record.


PS: Only the facade from the original design by Lutyens for the building was completed according to plan, sadly.


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